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Professional Audio Equipment

By the definition of “professional sound equipment” specialists in the field of high-quality sound mean different devices, the use of which allows not only reproducing sound, but also amplifying its individual fragments, recording music, performing its processing, and retransmitting sound in different places at the same time.

The main difference between professional devices for working with sound from conventional sound equipment is considered to be an increased power level, which makes it possible to use them at concert venues, conference halls, nightclubs, recording studios, theaters, assembly halls, stadiums, shops, shopping and entertainment complexes, sports complexes and other facilities where it is necessary to ensure good audibility and high-quality sound.

Depending on the place of application, the complete set of sound equipment changes. For example, the complete set of professional sound equipment used on dance floors traditionally includes amplifiers and consoles, acoustic systems, lighting devices, controllers, microphones, at other objects – radio systems, loudspeakers, line arrays, sound processing systems, and other equipment can be additionally used.

At the same time, all professional sets of audio equipment necessarily include active and passive, two and three-voice, compact line array elements and power boosting elements. For example, a DPA-150Q power amplifier of the Inter-M trademark, a three-way active element of a JBL VT4882DP line array and a DBX digital signal processor can be used in the sound notification system, public address system, voice notification and sound, as well as for advertising broadcasting.

An equally important element, without which the normal functioning of any professional sound system is impossible, is the console mixer. Depending on the goals and objectives of the sound system used, a digital or analog mixer with a different number of channels can be used. The mixers are manufactured by such companies as Yamaha, Allen & Heath, etc.

The operation of professional sound systems in nightclubs and concert halls is impossible without lighting equipment, amplifiers for musical instruments Mark Bass and Fender, Honda generating stations and power distributors.

Buying such devices does not require additional knowledge. If you trust the specialists, the main task for the buyer will be to determine in a timely manner how and where the audio equipment will be used.

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