Types of Guitars

Types of Guitars and Their Features

The guitar is a unique instrument that a huge number of people have come across. Some of us have learned only two chords, others went to music school professionally, and still others have a very distant idea of ​​its key principles of playing.

The term guitar itself includes a huge number of musical instruments that are identical to this device. Most scientists have not yet agreed on one opinion, but most of them claim that the guitar is already over three thousand years old, and in most parts of the world there are analogues of this musical instrument. In this situation, you should understand a little more.

Classical guitar

It was Spain that gave birth to many of the modern types of musical instruments. The Spanish classical guitar has six strings, perfect for playing the most complex musical compositions. As strings for it, ordinary nylon is used, which has remarkable properties, is durable and very reliable!

They are played only with the fingers. The exception is flamenco guitars. In addition, a pick is often used on Spanish guitars to improve the sound quality. Scientists claim that the tradition of playing the guitar spread from the Arab countries. Now there are a large number of its modifications. There are 6, 7 and even 12 string guitars!

Acoustic guitar

This type of guitar stands out due to its powerful metal strings, the presence of an anchor bolt that makes the body heavier. A slim neck closer to the bridge allows for a wide variety of sounds. There are several well-known acoustic guitar bodies at once:

  • The dreadnought has an enlarged rectangular body, easily reproduces many melodies, is distinguished by its versatility, durability and high reliability;
  • Jumbo has a large body, has original rounded shapes, gives out the strongest sound, is best suited for mass events and concerts, can easily produce music of various directions without much difficulty;
  • Folk is a hybrid of a dreadnought, has a gorgeous, very graceful appearance, as well as an original neck shape.

Special varieties

Guitars are classified into several special varieties:

  • has 7 strings, its own tuning, original neck mount;
  • ukulele involves playing with a slider, the instrument is placed with the strings up;
  • ukulele is a miniature guitar that has 4 strings;
  • reinforced jumbo body, the presence of 12 strings allows you to combine a variety of melodies, suitable for real professionals in their field.


This type of electric guitar is equipped with a piezo pickup, which allows you to seamlessly connect the instrument to any amplifying equipment. By its design and sound transmission, it does not differ at all from its acoustic relative, but it has a slightly enlarged body.

Electric guitar

This type of guitars has a one-piece body, so they almost do not produce sound and are designed to be connected to sound amplifying equipment. Such an instrument can easily distort sounds, they can be modified in any way convenient for you. Ideal for large events and concerts.

Electric Guitar Categories

By the way they are used, classic electric guitars are divided into 4 key categories at once:

  • The rhythm guitar is intended for performing rhythm sections, it produces a thick and rich sound in the lower register, ideal for use at concerts in conjunction with other modifications;
  • Lead guitar has a sharp and thick sound, great for high-speed performance of compositions, ideal for group performance;
  • Bass guitar is an excellent option for playing music of the lower register, it goes well with percussion instruments;
  • The semi-acoustic electric guitar has an internal resonator, is not made from a single piece of wood, occupies a special niche in such popular genres of music as jazz or blues, is lightweight, reliable, and durable.

There are also exotic varieties of this musical instrument, but they are rarely used. To consider them, you need to devote one more article, in which you need to understand the key features of this tool! The world of the guitar is very diverse and amazing.

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